Bee Circle Membership

Less intensive than the mentorship, the bee circle includes a monthly bee clinic where you can ask questions about your hive & a monthly how-to video!

Skip Learning on Your Own (and having your bees suffer through it!)

This 9-month mentorship will get you comfortable with inspecting the hive so you can keep your bees healthy and thriving!

As Urban Backyard Beekeepers in the SF Bay Area,

we have a unique perspective & climate!

Beekeeping books & internet resources don't apply to us for the following reasons:

1. BACKYARD - We see our bees as pets, as companions, even as best friends. The more time we get to spend in the hive or with our bees, the better! Most beekeepers are commercial or researchers who need to be efficient with their time and have different purposes (research & business/profit).

2. URBAN - most beekeeping information is about keeping bees in the country. Their recommendations will not work in an urban area with close neighbors (unless you want to get them mad!).

3. BAY AREA UNIQUE CLIMATE - The Bay Area has its own book on gardening because of its different climate. My classes emphasize the different seasons of the Bay Area so you do the right things at the right time (expand the hive when the bees are expanding, etc.).

My classes are designed to give urban backyard beekeepers the knowledge and confidence to inspect and help their bees thrive!