Bee Confident Collective

First Year: Bee Confident Collective

A 6-Month Program to guide you through your first summer/fall with bees so they live through the winter

This program will gives you the core beekeeping knowledge to have your bees survive their first winter & thrive in the SF Bay Area climate!

You will:

  • Learn to be comfortable inspecting, including how to use the tools smoothly, keep the bees calm, and what to look for in the hive
  • Be able to ask questions each month, so you know whether what you see is normal for your bees or warrants attention/help.
  • Learn how to test and manage for varroa mites, the number one killer of bees in the East Bay, so your hive stays healthy.
  • Start to learn the different seasons and what the bees are doing. March – June the focus is getting comfortable with the bees and swarm prevention. July-November, as the food supply lessens, the focus becomes mite management, defense, and preparing for winter.

The program fosters a warm, fun community of beekeepers that care deeply about their bees. If you listen to other people’s experiences with their hives, you will know what to do in the future if a similar thing happens to your hive. Students sometimes help each other inspect and loan equipment.

What’s Included in the Bee Confident Collective:

EACH Month You Receive the Following:

  1. LIVE ZOOM: Questions About Your Hive – 1.5 hrs
    We go around and each person gets to ask questions about their hive and plan for next steps.
    Starts mid-May, 6-7:30pm on a weekday (likely Thursday, May 19th)
  2. PRERECORDED CLASSES on the following:
    Each class will be 1-2 hours long and be up in the online school at the beginning of the month so you can watch it at your own pace.
    • May – How & When to Add a Box and Swarm Prevention
    • June – Inspection Tips & Taking Notes
    • July – Varroa Mites
    • Aug – Defense: Ants, Yellow Jackets, & Robber Bees
    • Sept – Preparing for Winter
    • Oct – Honey Harvesting
  3. Access to Jennifer’s Book: Bay Area Beekeeping Guide for Urban Backyard Beekeepers: a monthly roadmap of what to do with your bees. This document will guide you through what the bees are doing (what you’ll see in the hive) & what you are focused on doing in inspections each month.
  4. Homework: Monthly exercise to observe your bees and/or the environment.
  5. Everything is organized and easily accessible in an online school portal!

If you’ve taken classes with me before, you know that I teach:

  • What to Do & Why you are doing it
  • Nitty gritty details of how to do it
  • All with care & respect for the bees

Bonus Hive Inspection for first 10 people to sign up!


$125/month (6 payments) OR $699 one-time payment

Learn everything you need to keep your nuc alive and healthy your first year in the SF Bay Area climate!
(This would take you 3-5 years to learn on your own.)

What Classes Should I Take in Addition to the Bee Confident Collective?

I recommend you take the 3 core classes through the BioFuel Oasis Cooperative by the end of June:

  • Backyard Beekeeping
  • Hive Inspection Class
  • Varroa Mite Management

The Bee Confident Collective program builds on these classes and goes into greater detail through the summer, so you get practice and really understand how to inspect and keep mites low. Sign up for the core classes here!


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