Listen to the Bees Mentorship: Testimonials

Listen to the Bees Mentorship: Testimonials

Here’s how my students describe the mentorship in their own words:

“Jennifer is more than a mentor, she is a coach who is supportive, provides an education, offers practical guides on what to do — and not do — in your hives, and teaches you how to ensure your bees are healthy and prosperous. I learned more in 9 months than I have in 6 years of tending my hives, and now I have more confidence in what I’m doing when I’m spending time with my bees.”
–Sean, 2023 Blackberry 3rd Year Mentorship

Jennifer’s beekeeping mentorship has transformed my understanding and appreciation for beekeeping. Her guidance through the year with zoom lectures and in person hive inspections has been an invaluable educational experience . I had been struggling with maintaining healthy hives on my own for 10 years and had no idea of what I needed to learn. Thanks to Jennifer, I’m hopeful that my growing knowledge will enable me to sustain healthy and productive hives.”
–Diana, 2023 Star Thistle 2nd Year Mentorship

“Before doing a mentorship with Jennifer, I was a persistent but not long-term successful beekeeper of five different hives that died in various ways. I had almost given up, assuming I mostly had bad luck. Since participating in this valuable program, my beekeeping game has gotten significantly better. I now understand the base concepts of hive management and what it means to keep a hive healthy and productive throughout different seasons. I also understand how to check for warning signs and hive health.”
–Koralie, 2023 Maple 1st Year Mentorship

“This mentorship has been a life saver! There’s no way I would have made it through my first year beekeeping without this program. Jennifer was so patient, kind, helpful, and informative. The in person hive inspections were SUPER helpful. She was great at providing the basics in our meetings, as well as answering any questions. The fact that I could email or text if there were any questions or emergencies really helped my peace of mind. I loved it so much I’m signed up for the second year too! The bees and I thank you so much Jennifer! “
–Alex, 2023 Maple 1st Year Mentorship

Jennifer’s mentorship has been one of the best learning experiences of my adult life.  Jennifer is an absolutely incredible teacher with a depth of knowledge that is very impressive coupled with a love and understanding of bees that is so inspiring. I jokingly/not jokingly mentioned that I wished the mentorship went on for many years beyond the four year curriculum.  I feel like not only am I learning to be a beekeeper but, more importantly, I’m learning the role that we all play in supporting these amazing creatures and, ultimately, each other.”
–Tracy, 2023 Maple 1st Year Mentorship 

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